in season

This is from last night, as the sun was setting over the banks of Stonehaven, with droplets clinging to petals after the refreshing rain.

I’ve been making my way through Kings, and the other day I noticed anew how God provides — even if it’s in unconventional ways.

In 1 Kings 17, He provides for Elijah by sending crows to bring him food. Then the stream dries up and Elijah has to walk through the desert for more than 120km — without further mention of food or water.
When he arrives at the widow’s house he insists on being fed, despite the fact that she and her son are starving.

She feeds him and her jars of clay are filled with oil (a pretty cool testimony about provision and anointing, if you ask me) and all seems well.

Until her son becomes ill.
Yet, even in that — God has a plan, and He provides.

As I read this piece from 1 Kings 18 (below), I kept thinking about the water crisis in Cape Town and the extensive drought in our country — and this is the promise: THE LORD WILL SEND RAIN.

Does He have to explain His plans to man?
But in time, He will send rain.

It was now three years since it had rained. A message came to Elijah from the Lord. He said, “Go. Speak to Ahab. Then I will send rain on the land.”

1 Kings 18:1 NIRV

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