August update

Friends, as this period of Advanced Missions Training draws to a close, I’m excited to share some Big News with you soon!

Hallo from Rapid 14!

I wanted to share this testimony from our final Expedition in Somwatochela with you. May you be encouraged and blessed by God’s faithfulness!

I was running the kitchen for our final expedition in Somwatochela, and though we had allowed for generous portion sizes, our team was filled with college-aged men who ate their weight’s worth. I was halfway into dinner prep when our team leader came up to me and asked, “Can we feed eight more people?” “Yes,” I said, “If we start praying now.”

I was reminded of that young boy who brought his five loaves and two fish to Jesus, a meagre offering, but it fed more than five thousand. When we bring all we have to Him, He will achieve infinitely more than our greatest requests, our most unbelievable dreams, and wildest imagination (Ephesians 3:20). And so, we fed eight guests and multiple children on a 25-person budget.

In His fullness, He provides!


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