online church: God rescues the Israelites

“Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Israelites went through on dry ground with a wall of water on their right and on their left.”

Exodus 14:27, 29

Exodus 12:1-42; Exodus 14:5-31

Moses did as God commanded him, and went to speak to Pharaoh, saying, “Let God’s people go!”

Moses and his brother Aaron  went to Pharaoh and did everything God commanded. Aaron  threw his staff on the ground, and it turned into a snake. Pharaoh laughed, “My sorcerers can easily repeat this little trick!” The Egyptian magicians also threw their staffs on the ground, and they turned into snakes as well. But the snake from Aaron ‘s staff was bigger, and it swallowed the magicians’ snakes.

Pharaoh was a cruel and strict king, and he did not want to let the Israelites go because they were hard workers and they were his slaves. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he refused to set the Israelites free.

Moses trusted God for a plan, and God sent plagues to Egypt. First, the Nile turned into blood. All the fish died and the river smelled so bad that the Egyptians could not drink the water. Then God sent a plague of frogs. There were so many that they covered the land. Then there was a plague of gnats — they were so many that they looked like dust from the desert. Next, God sent a plague of flies. The fifth plague God sent on the Egyptians was death to livestock. All the Egyptian horses, donkeys, camels, goats, sheep, and cattle died.

Pharaoh would still not listen! He would not let God’s people go!

God sent Moses to lead His people into the new country that He had promised to them.

Then God sent a plague of boils that caused the Egyptians to become very sick. He also sent hail, and the hail destroyed all the planted crops. Then, a plague of locusts came, and they ate all the crops the hail had not destroyed. The Egyptians had no food reserves left!

Then the lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky, and darkness will spread over Egypt. It will be as thick as a blanket.” Moses did as God commanded, and it became very dark for three days.

“Pharaoh, let God’s people go!” said Moses, but Pharaoh still refused.

Then God said to Moses, “Gather the Hebrews, and tell them to slaughter a lamb. Put the blood of the lamb on your doors and windows, and eat together. Tonight I will send an Angel through Egypt, and he will kill all the firstborn children. When the Angel sees the blood on the doors and windows, it will pass over, and will not come into your houses.”

That night, the Angel went through Egypt and killed all the firstborn children to every family — even Pharaoh’s son. At last, Pharaoh gave up and said to Moses, “Take your people, and leave.”

The Hebrews rejoiced! God had freed them from Egypt! When they came to the sea, there was no way to get to the other side, so God split the water in two, and they could safely pass on dry land.

Discover: God wants what is best for us.

Memorize: “Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Israelites went through on dry ground with a wall of water on their right and on their left.” Exodus 14:27, 29

online church: God has a plan for Joseph

“You will be in charge of my palace, and my people will submit to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you.”

Genesis 41:40

Genesis 37 – 50

The bottom of the pit was dark and cold. Joseph looked up, and saw some movement at the top. There were many voices talking together in a language that he did not understand. A rope came falling down the side of the pit.

“At last!” thought Joseph, “My brothers decided that they were wrong to throw me in this hole, and they have decided to save me.”

When Joseph reached the top, strong hands grabbed him and tied a rope around his wrists.

Judah folded his hands across his chest. “You thought you were so important telling us about the dreams you had where we would bow down to you. And our father even thought you were special and made you colourful clothes.”

“Here comes the dreamer!” said Simeon and bowed down to mock Joseph.

The people speaking a strange language loaded Joseph on a wagon. His brothers had sold him as a slave. He looked back at them as they were laughing and cheering, and sadness filled his heart. He knew that God was faithful. Joseph trusted God.

Many years later, Joseph was working as a servant in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar was the captain over Pharaoh’s guards. The Lord was with Joseph, and he did very well in the house of his Egyptian master. Potiphar’s wife grew jealous of Joseph, and she thought of a plan to have him thrown in jail. But, while he was in jail, God’s favor was on Joseph. Joseph made friends while he was in jail, and he helped them to understand the dreams God had sent them. They promised to tell Pharaoh about Joseph and his ability to understand dreams when they were released.

One day Pharaoh sent one of his soldiers to fetch Joseph from jail.

Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I had a dream; and no one can understand it. But I have heard it said that you can understand dreams,”

“I cannot interpret dreams,” said Joseph to Pharaoh, “but God will give you the answer you desire.”

Pharaoh explained his dream to Joseph. He was standing on the bank of the Nile while seven fat cows were grazing nearby. Then, seven skinny cows came, and they swallowed the seven fat cows. Pharaoh also dreamt about seven healthy heads of grain that grew from a single stalk. Then seven more heads of grain sprouted, but these were thin and they were blown away by the wind.

Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “Both dreams Pharaoh had have the same meaning. There will be seven years of abundance, followed by seven years of drought and famine. Pharaoh will be wise to save grain during the years of abundance so that Egypt and the nations around here will not starve during the famine.”

Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one as wise as you. You will be in charge of my palace and all my people will submit to your orders.”

God had remained faithful and kept his favor on Joseph’s life. That which others intended for harm, God used for good.

Discover: God makes everything work together for the good of those who love Him.

Memorize: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

online church: God sends Miriam to help Moses

“She named him Moses, saying, “I drew him out of the water.”

Exodus 2:10

Pharaoh was a cruel and strict king. He wanted the Israelites to work as slaves and build big palaces and temples for him. One day, Pharaoh realised that the Israelites were becoming more than the Egyptians.

“The Israelites are slaves,” Pharaoh said to himself. “If they become too many, they will start a rebellion and overthrow my ruler ship. I will find a way to get rid of them.”

Pharaoh called his advisors together, and they wrote a law that said every Hebrew boy younger than two years old had to be fed to the crocodiles in the Nile.

There was a young Hebrew woman who had just had a baby boy. She did not want the soldiers to kill her son, so she made a basket from reeds, and covered it with sticky tar to make it waterproof. She told her daughter Miriam to take the basket down to the Nile, and hide it between the reeds.

Moses was hid in a basket that drifted on the Nile river. This was part of God’s special plan to save His people.

Miriam carried her baby brother down to the Nile, and placed his basket on the water. She hid close by where she could watch the basket.

Suddenly, a big Egyptian boat passed by and it caused big waves. The baby and his basket drifted further away from the shore. Miriam could not catch it in time! The basket was already floating downstream.

“Oh, Lord! Please protect my brother,” Miriam prayed.

The basket tossed and turned in the waves, and crocodiles swam around it — snapping their jaws.

Then, the basket drifted into a quiet part of the river, right in front of Pharaoh’s palace! The Egyptian princess saw the basket, and told one of her servants to fetch it for her.

When she opened the basket, she saw the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him.

Miriam came closer and said, “Princess, I know a Hebrew woman who would be able to care for this baby.”

“Go and fetch her,” said the princess. “I will call this baby Moses, because I drew him out of the water.”

Discover: God takes care of us through others

Memorize: “She named him Moses, saying, “I drew him out of the water.” ” Exodus 2:10

online church: God promises a son to Sarah

“God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

Genesis 21:6

Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 21:1-6

One day Sarah was sitting in the shade of the tent, fanning herself to cool off. The sun was blazing, and it was too hot to work outside. The camels were sleeping in the shade, and the sheep were gathered around the cool water of the well.

Abram came running in to the tent.

                “Sarah! Visitors are coming! Call the servants! Fetch water so that our visitors can wash, and prepare some bread for them to eat. I will slaughter a calf, and we will give them a place to rest from the heat.”

The men sat down to eat and rest.

                “Where is your wife, Sarah?” the visitors asked Abram.

                “She is in the tent,” replied Abram.

                “In exactly one year your wife Sarah will have a son,” said the visitor.

Sarah couldn’t help but laugh! Was this a joke? She was already 90 years old. That’s too late to start a family.

                “I am old, but Abram is even older than I am,” Sarah said to herself. “We won’t be able to raise a child at this age.”

The visitor entered into the tent.

                “Why do you laugh, Sarah? Is anything too hard for the Lord? In exactly one year I will visit you again, and then you will have a son.”

The Lord was gracious to Sarah, and He fulfilled His promise. In their old age, Sarah and Abraham got a son and they named him Isaac.

                “God has brought me laughter and He has restored my joy!” Sarah said. “Everyone who hears about the birth of my son will celebrate with me!”

Abraham and Sarah lifted their son toward God, and thanked Him for his faithfulness.

Discover: God brings us joy.

Memorize: “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” Genesis 21:6

online church: God promises a son to Abram

“Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.”

Genesis 15:1

Abram stood on the hill overlooking the valley. In the distance, he could see the lights of the city. The night was quiet and a cool breeze blew across the hilltop. Abram looked up at the stars above him. They were spread out like bright jewels on a dark velvet cloth, shining brightly. In the distance, he could hear his sleep bleat as they shuffled around, looking for a place to sleep. Abram looked up at the moon and tried to see if he could recognize any constellations. He even saw a shooting star!

                “Abram! Abram!”

Abram knew it was God speaking to Him.

                “Yes, Lord. Here I am.” Abram answered.

On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram.” Genesis 15:18

“Look up at the heavens and count the stars. Tell me how many there are.” Said God.

Abram shook his head and replied, “Lord, you know that I am old and that I cannot see that far! Besides, there are too many stars to count!”

                “You shall be the Father of Nations, Abram. You will have as many children as there are stars.”

                “How is this possible, Lord?” asked Abram. “I am an old man, and I don’t have any children. Isn’t it too late for me to have a son? I am nearly one hundred years old!”

                “Abram,” said God, “I have many great plans for you and your family, and their families to come. I promise to watch over you and your descendants,” said God.

Abram closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to hold his own son for the first time. Ten toes and ten fingers, and the brightest brown eyes! He would call his son Isaac. Abram was not sure how everything would work out, but he knew that God would keep his promise. Abram trusted in God.

God explained that He would change Abram’s name to Abraham, which means Father of Nations. God promised that Abraham’s family would become kings, and that they would be His special, chosen people. God’s promise, which is also called a covenant, was the beginning of an adventure for Abram and his family.

This promise, or covenant, was part of a long, long friendship God keeps with his special, chosen people. God promised to protect them and lead them, and show them the way through every adventure.

Discover: When Isaac was born as the first of many sons, Abraham was 100 years old, and Sarah was 90!

Memorize: “On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram.” Genesis 15:18

online church: God tells Noah to build a big boat

“I have put my rainbow in the clouds… The waters will never become a flood to destroy all life again.”

Genesis 9:13, 15

One afternoon, Noah was sitting in the shade watching his sons play with a ball. Shem passed the ball to Ham while Japheth tried to stop him from scoring a goal. Noah laughed aloud when Shem gave Ham a high five after scoring.

God said to Noah, “The people on earth have grown corrupt and violent. This is not why I created Man. I am going to make a new start to the earth and its people.”

All of a sudden, Noah heard God speak to him.

God placed His rainbow in the clouds to remind us of His promises.

Noah was a righteous man. He always lived close to God. God chose Noah and his family to be part of the new start He was planning.

                “What do you want me to do, God?” said Noah, and he kneeled down to pray.

God told Noah to build a big boat and call it the Ark. God gave Noah specific instructions about the size and shape the Ark should take.

Noah finished praying, and got up from where he was kneeling. He called his sons together and explained God’s plan to them.

                “Shem, Ham, Japheth, God wants us to build the Ark. It is going to be a safe place where we can hide when the flood comes.”

                “Father, what is a flood?” asked Japheth.

                “God said it is going to rain a lot. The many waters will cause a flood”, answered Noah.

Noah and his sons started building the Ark. They worked hard every day to complete the building project in time. Every day people from the villages around them came to look at the Ark. They laughed at Noah and his sons and pointed at the Ark saying, “That will never float! Where will you find water?”

Noah and his sons remained obedient to God.

When the Ark was finished, Noah and his family went inside, along with different kinds of animals. This was part of God’s plan to start new life on earth once the water of the flood had drained away.

It started to rain, but Noah and his family were not afraid. God had a plan. They would trust in Him.

Discover: It rained for forty days and forty nights, and the water covered the tallest mountaintops. Everything on earth died. Only Noah and his family were left. God remembered his promise to Noah and He made a new start with Noah, his family, and the animals on the Ark.

Memorize: “I have put my rainbow in the clouds… The waters will never become a flood to destroy all life again.” Genesis 9:13, 15

online church: God created us for relationship

“You must not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.”

Genesis 3:3
God created us to live in close relationship with Him.

On a sunny afternoon, Eve was sitting on a rock, when she saw a creature she had never seen before.

                “Who are you?” she asked.

                “I am the sssssserpent,” said the creature, flicking its long tongue. “Do you sssssssmell the delicioussssss fruit on that Tree?”

The Tree was at the centre of God’s beautiful garden. Bright fruit hung from the Tree’s branches.

                “God told us not to eat the fruit from The Tree,” said Eve. “Any other tree is fine, but not this one.”

The serpent slithered up the tree and coiled itself around a big branch.

                “Are you ssssssure God ssssaid you sssshouldn’t eat thissss fruit? He is jussssst afraid you will become like Him if you eat it. Then your eyesssss will be opened, and you will underssssstand many thingsssssss.”

Eve’s stomach growled. She was hungry. Maybe she could try just one bite?

She reached up toward The Tree and picked a bright fruit from the branches. Then she took a big bite.

As the juice from the fruit dribbled down her chin, Adam peeked out from behind The Tree.

                “Adam, you have to try this! The fruit is sweet and delicious!” said Eve.

Adam knew that God told them to eat fruit from The Tree, but he took a bite anyway.

Adam looked at Eve. Eve looked at the serpent. The serpent slithered off into the bush. Something had changed. Something was not right. Adam and Eve heard God walking in the Garden, but instead of running to him like they always do, they felt ashamed and decided to hide.

Adam and Eve had sinned. They were disobedient to God. Sin had separated Adam and Eve from God’s presence.

Adam and Eve could no longer live in the Garden. They knew God still loved them, but they knew life would be very different from now on.

Discover: After Adam and Eve left the Garden, God placed an angel with a flaming sword at the entrance to the Garden so that nobody could get back inside.

Memorize: “You must not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.” Genesis 3:3

online church: in the beginning

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

Everything began when God said, “Let there be light!”

God appointed Adam and Eve to rule over everything He created.

Then God separated the light from the darkness. All in one day! God called the darkness night, and the light day. This was the very first day.

The next day God made water. It bubbled and whooshed, and it covered the earth with oceans and rivers and lakes. And up, up high, God placed the sky. All in one day! This was the second day.

God pushed the whooshing water to one side to make land. He made trees with roots that dug deep into the soft ground. He made sprouts that burst into budding plants, bearing fruit and beautiful flowers. All in one day! This was the third day.

Then God made the sun and the moon, and he put them in the sky. He made the sun to shine during the day, and the moon to shine at night. God also made stars and planets, and He scattered them across the sky. God wanted the planets and the stars to show different seasons. He saw that everything was good. All in one day! This was the fourth day.

In the sea, God placed different fish and all kinds of creatures. In the sky, He put birds – some of them large and soaring, and some of them small and chirping. God made the fish and the birds all in one day! This was the fifth day.

Then God made wild animals of every kind – tall, short, furry, smooth, round, skinny, some crawled and some jumped, and some walked! He made every animal according to his or her kind, and He saw that it was good.

Now it was time to create the Masterpiece! God said, “let us make Man in our image and likeness so that He can rule with us”.

God made Adam, the very first man. Then He made Eve, the very first woman. He created Adam and Eve to have relationship with Him, and He saw that he made them very good! God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number. Help me to rule over Creation by looking after the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, and all the animals on the ground.” He made wild animals and people – all in one day! This was the sixth day.

By then God had finished the work he had been doing, so he rested. For an entire day. He blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a day of rest.

God created everything, and now the world and everything that lives in it was ready for the adventure to begin!

Discover: God created Adam from the dust of the ground. Then God formed Eve from Adam’s rib.

Memorize: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1